Telehealth Specialists Creative Thinking

Telehealth Specialists Creative Thinking

Telehealth Specialists Creative Thinking

For telehealth Doctor Services

Telehealth Doctor Services

Long-term Care Telehealth Specialists provide nursing, personal and psycho social care services on a recurring basis to patients with chronic physical or mental disorders. Increasing patient acuity can be a drawback for some but the lesser pressure and chaos is a plus. Medical-Surgical Telehealth Specialists provide basic health care to patients in all health settings.

Occupational Health Telehealth Specialists work towards Primary Prevention and keeping the workforce healthy by combining concepts of public health and nursing, besides working towards realizing standards set by Occupational Safety and Health Act, maintaining records, providing care to the injured or ill employees. Certified by "" American Board for Occupational Health Telehealth Specialists"", employers are usually in business factories, mills, or establishments.

PeriAnesthesia Telehealth Specialists prepare patients for a surgical experience, support safe transition out of anesthetized state and provide intensive care to patients until they are ready to be discharged from the perianesthesia care unit.

Certification is done by" American Board Of PeriAnesthesia Nursing Certification" Peri-Operative Telehealth Specialists provide preoperative, postoperative and intraoperative care to patients and assist surgeons in the operation room by handling instruments, controlling bleeding and suturing incisions.

Learning opportunities and teamwork are a plus, while frequent emergencies and exposure to human suffering may be a drawback for some. Certified by "CNOR and CRNFA Certification Board Perioperative Nursing", employers are usually in hospital surgical departments, ambulatory surgical centers, clinics, or a physician's offices. Psychiatric Telehealth Specialists care for patients with personality and mental disorders.

Dangerous or uncooperative patients may be one of the drawbacks besides restrictive patient-care policies, excessive paper work and a conflict from misconceptions and mental illness. Certification is done by ANCC.

Radiologic Telehealth Specialists provide care to patients undergoing radiation procedures (like Ultrasonography or MRI) for diagnosis or treatment, as in a case of cancers. Rehabilitation Telehealth Specialists care for patients with temporary, permanent or progressive disabilities which alter normal functions and affect the quality of life. Producing and motivating patients will lead to a fruitful life and is a challenge.

Certification is done by" Rehabilitation Telehealth Specialists Certification Board".Transplant Telehealth Specialists provide care for transplant recipients and living-donors throughout the process of the transplantation. Organ resource allocation and other ethical issues besides loss and grief could be drawbacks towards joining this specialty

RNs may also consider specializing in the following specialties, with major emphasis on the disease, which they plan to provide care for:Addiction Telehealth Specialists provide care to patients who seek help with drug, marijuana, and alcohol addictions.

Developmental Disabilities Telehealth Specialists help physically, and mentally disabled patients with feeding, controlling bodily functions, and to sit/ stand with the least assistance.

Diabetes Management Telehealth Specialists assist diabetics in disease management by educating them about proper nutrition, blood sugar testing, and insulin self-injection.

Genetics Telehealth Specialists provide screening, early detection, and treatment of patients with genetic disorders including Cystic Fibrosis, Huntington's disease, Hereditary Brest Cancer, etc. Major challenges are informed decision-making, consent, confidentiality, and dealing with negative outcomes.

The certification is done by "International Society Of Telehealth Specialists in Genetics".HIV/AIDS Telehealth Specialists provide care for physical, psychological, social and spiritual suffering of patients diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. Safety hazards are a major drawback. Certified by "HIV/AIDS Nursing Certification Board", employers usually are in hospices, hospitals, home health care, and long-term care agencies.

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