Drive & Listen - groovy idea

Drive & Listen - groovy idea

For example, "Drive & Listen" is a very special online radio website. It combines radio stations with city tour videos, allowing users to listen to the radio and enjoy the scenery of each city, just like driving a car on the street. It’s fun to walk around while listening to the radio!

It includes 49 national cities, such as Hawaii, Singapore, Amsterdam, London, Tokyo, Paris, Chicago, Los Angeles, Mexico, New York, etc., the videos of city tours can be manually adjusted to speed up, if you want to have more

There is a sense of presence on the scene, and it can also open the ambient sound of the street of the movie. With the unique atmosphere of the interior of the car and the sound of other vehicles on the street roaring past, it seems that it is really on the scene.

The radio part will randomly select a channel, and through the playback controller, you can cycle up and down to switch other channels, so if there is a channel you want to listen to, there is no problem! The current epidemic situation in the world is still not slowing down. It seems that it is not very hopeful to go abroad in a short time. It is also good to occasionally feel the exoticism through websites such as "Drive & Listen". At least it is much safer. Friends who want to go abroad but cannot go abroad are relieved!

Drive & Listen
Listen to local radio stations while driving through the cities around the world. Istanbul, Berlin, London, Paris, New York City and many more
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